Unlock the Secrets of Fundraising Success

In just one month, we raised an incredible $1 million, and along the way, we gained valuable insights and lessons that we're eager to share with you.

First of all: Exeptional Projects Need Exeptional People

 In our team, our motivation for why we are working on this project is different, and we see it as our biggest strength. Being diversified in this way helps us find people who want to invest not only for the financial benefits, but for what the project can give them in case of  better future

It’s important that we share common values and golas, so each and every one of us can be an active participant in the process of seeking funds, but in their own style.

Advice: Give your team speace to be themselves.

Second of all: Have Time for Your Potencial Clients and Investors

Having dedicated time for clients and investors is essential for relationship building, understanding needs, addressing concerns, enhancing customer satisfaction, and identifying opportunities. By prioritizing these interactions, you strengthen your business relationships, foster trust, and position yourself for long-term success. In Samana Group, even our CEO is in the front line. We attend many events and encourage one-on-one calls to make sure everyone is taken care of.

Advice: Be accessible for your investors and clients.

 Don't hesitate to schedule your call!

Thirdly: Be Open and Welcoming

Creating a private city is not that common, and sometimes it’s hard to believe that it’s possible. One of the steps in the decision-making process is doing research. That’s why we invite our potential investors to visit us so they can better understand the project and find answers to their questions.

Advice: Let potencial investors expirence your project/ product for themselves.

Meet Daniel Buda, he decided to see our project for himslef as a way of doing research.

Be like Daniel and plan your trip to Samana!

Fourthly: Educate

As a fundamental practice, we prioritize educating potential investors and clients to facilitate informed decision-making, mitigate risks associated with misinformation, and build lasting relationships. By providing accurate information, fostering transparency, and positioning ourselves as trusted advisors, we ensure our stakeholders have the necessary knowledge to navigate the industry effectively, while setting ourselves apart as a valuable resource and thought leader in the field.

Advice: Educate investors and clients to make their decision easier.

Finally: Make the process as simple as possible

Let’s see: your potential investor/client is well-educated, has tested your product, and now wants to finalize the investment. What could go wrong? The answer is: you could lose the investor.

By reducing complexity, streamlining processes, providing intuitive platforms, and leveraging the possibilities that technology is giving us, you can save time and costs while promoting informed decision-making and risk management for a wider range of individuals in the investment community.

Advice: Easy process= happy investor

See you in two weeks with new dose of information!