Samana Group’s DNA: Discover our Core Values

Marek Zmysłowski on Samana Group's DNA: Discover our Core Values

Today we would like to share with you some insightful information straight from the heart of our company. Samana Group’s Core Values are a set of signposts that guide each member of our team and define the philosophy of our organization’s actions. It is the ideological and operational DNA created by the co-founder and CEO of the Samana Group, Marek Zmysłowski, to whom we are giving the floor today.

Think Big Picture

We think long-term and zoom out when facing an issue. Thinking Big Picture allows us to resolve challenges which seem big at first. Having a big vision attracts the best talents and builds a bond between all of us.

Don’t be Greedy

To avoid the mistakes of all our predecessors, we have to make sure we don’t become greedy as we grow bigger as an organization. We treat these five types of stakeholders evenly: Investors, Employees, Clients, Nature, and the Local Community. We attract people who see value in this approach.

Question Everything

We strive to be the most Innovative Real Estate Company, and we do that by questioning the status quo. We reason from the first principles to get to the core of each approach. Doing something in a particular way, simply because it has always been like this is not a satisfying answer. Everything can be improved.

Sustainability starts with Cash Flow

We believe sustainability is achieved through positive cash flow, low density, and ecological solutions that work at scale without limiting our freedoms. We need to become a big organization to afford sustainable technologies because cheap technology is often cheap at the expense of Nature.

Faster is better

Speed matters in business. Most decisions can be changed. Trying and learning is better than overthinking, as long as it doesn't come at the expense of professionalism. We are builders of a town in a paradise. The privilege of living closer to Nature allows us to be happier, and get more stuff done faster.