Nomad City Interiors in the Rhythm of Nature

Wood & Marble, Nomad City Interiors in the Rhythm of Nature

We often showcase the architectural designs of our investments, but surely you’re curious to see what they will look like inside, right? That’s why today we’re going to take you on a little trip into the interiors of Nomad City!

We invite you to delve into the craftsmanship of our contractors in the Rincon Villa project. The interiors they have meticulously crafted serve as a preview of what to expect in the apartments and villas nestled within the private city of Samaná. So take a moment to explore their work at Rincon Villa, as it offers a glimpse of the exceptional living experience awaiting you at Nomad City!

Biophilic Design: Interiors Inspired by Nature

Biophilic design responds to the need to preserve our connection to nature in an increasingly urbanized world by drawing deep inspiration from the natural world around us. At its core, this design philosophy promotes the integration of natural elements into interior spaces, harnessing the colors, shapes and textures found in the outdoors. Wood with its distinctive grain, stone with its organic veining, intricately woven plant materials and natural fabrics all come together to infuse biophilic interiors with a sense of warmth and welcome. The overarching goal? To create sanctuaries of tranquility, balance, and security akin to the nurturing embrace of nature itself.

A sneak peek of the Nomad City interiors

Spectacular matte marble that adorns the walls of rooms and beyond. This material is mined in Las Galeras, Samaná, in the only marble quarry in the entire Caribbean!

Precisely crafted, one-of-a-kind wooden furniture that blends local nature with contemporary craftsmanship, sourced directly from a local manufacturer.

Functional kitchen with island, bright and spacious, entirely in marble and wood.


Furniture and decorative elements that add a traditional, local charm to interiors, hand-woven from natural materials.


Stylish bathrooms where stone and wood dominate, equipped with intricately carved wooden sinks in a rustic aesthetic.

The effect is completed by the use of delicate, light fabrics with a variety of textures that add softness and elegance to the interiors.

You can see more photos and videos from Rincon Villa HERE.