Innowatory “Wprost” have been given away!

Samana Group is a winner in the Smart City category.

Every year, the editors of ‘WPROST’ magazine honour the most innovative and groundbreaking products and solutions. This year, we had the great honour of finding ourselves in such an illustrious company, becoming winners in the Smart City category.

“The Samana Nomad City project solves 3 typical problems characteristic of the development of exotic tourist destinations: lack of urban planning, lack of a planned lifestyle and poor quality of infrastructure. It is a private city on a tropical island, combining the best of two worlds: the quality of European life and the unspoilt beauty of Caribbean nature. The statuette was received by Krzysztof Kochanowski, CEO of Samana Group.

– ‘We are extremely proud that you have noticed us, a group of Poles who want to build a private city in the Dominican Republic,’ he said.”