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Thinking about owning a piece of Caribbean heaven, but upfront payment seems daunting? You’re not the only one. Many aspire for a tropical retreat but are restricted by financial limitations. With Samana Group, this aspiration can be a reality. Opt for our developer financing option, and transform your dreams into ownership of a tropical property in the heart of the Dominican Republic. With us, you get the opportunity to reside where others vacation.

We offer more than just financing. We hand you the keys to your personal paradise.

Check out our properties and imagine what it's like to be their owner.

We are one of the largest developers and landowners on the Samaná Peninsula in the Dominican Republic. Across over 4,000 hectares of picturesque land, we are constructing modern residential complexes in close proximity to the crystal-clear ocean and heavenly sandy beaches. Whether it’s a luxury seaside villa, a secluded mountain-view cottage, or an apartment in the bustling Nomad City – the choice is yours. Leave the formalities to us.

Convert your financial planning into an apartment in the Dominican Republic!

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    Will I have to pay any taxes?
    This is an individual matter. Please contact us, and we will provide you with precise information on the taxes that will apply to you.
    Will I incur legal transaction costs?
    You will not incur any legal transaction costs. The legal aspect of the process is handled entirely by the legal team at Samana Group.
    What is the value of your properties?
    You can find a list of available plots, houses, and apartments for exchange along with their individual prices HERE.
    Can I view the property you're offering in person?
    Of course, you're welcome to visit the Samaná Peninsula at any time! Please get in touch with us, specifying the purpose of your visit, and we will be happy to assist you in organizing your trip and accommodate you in one of our hotels located near the investments.