(Anti Money Laundering)

Dear Investor!

  1. Under Dominican law, a foreign transfer must undergo an AML procedure, which is confirmation that money deposited into a Dominican bank is from legitimate sources and is not used for money laundering or terrorist financing. Dominican law requires the bank to verify AML before crediting funds to Samana Group REH S.r.l.’s account, so you are already asked to prepare the information or documents expected by the bank.
  2. Documents required in the AML procedure (you will find them in your contract with Samana Group REH S.r.l., but we want to remind you of them here):a) transfer confirmation,
    b) statement of the bank account from which the payment was made for the last 6 months,
    c) income tax return for the previous tax year,
    d) a copy of an identity document,
    e) a description of the occupation performed,
    f) AML declaration prepared by us,
    g) additional documents requested by the bank during the verification procedure (we are unable to determine them in advance, as we will find out what documents or information the bank will ask for from the bank analyst).
  3. The bank has 7 days to verify AML and credit the funds, so we ask you to cooperate. Our AML Officer Wojciech Zmysłowski will help you complete the documents and send them to the bank.
  4. We, for our part, add the contract connecting you with Samana Group REH S.r.l. translated into Spanish.
  5. If the transfer at the Dominican bank does not pass verification because the bank has some doubts about the funds or we do not complete the documents together within 7 days, the bank will return the funds to your account and the procedure will have to be repeated.
  6. If this is a problem for you, you can always transfer the funds to the attorney’s deposit held for Samana Group REH S.r.l. in the Republic of Poland by Advocate Krzysztof Kochanowski. According to Polish regulations, the attorney should also verify the deposit for AML, but we have confidence in you and you can complete these documents at your convenience.

We are at your disposal in case of questions or doubts!

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